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SoA: So... Just Curious. by OkiCat SoA: So... Just Curious. by OkiCat
I feel as though I'm a stranger here. Which is pretty silly, since I'm on here every day... I'm just not submitting anything. lol
As of late I've been seeing some great Skies of Arcadia art... and I COULDN'T. HELP. MYSELF.
xD I... I never can. lol

Hopefully ya'll can see the improvement in my art. xD It's... uh... pretty different now. But I'm definitely pleased with my drawings. ^^

So.... yeah.
Um... I've always loved Aika. A lot. I just found her personality so aspiring to me, especially as a kid.
I can just see her finally just asking,
"Um.... so hey. Are you going to kiss me? Or... what?"

And of course Vyse being... well shocked. But probably not surprised. >w<

Haha, my backgrounds are just gross. Still. I really need to work on that. xD Please ignore it. lol

Vyse and Aika belong to Skies of Arcadia.
However the Art itself is property of me, Okicat. :D
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
Heh, this gave me a giggle just now. :aww:

Thank you. :clap:
Nianakitten Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
Oh man, Vyse's expression makes this so perfect. I can totally see that EXACT face on him given he were in this situation which makes this feel so real in that sense. I love the way you drew Aika too. I love Vyse/Aika and this drawing is just so freaking cute I wanna squeal.
TheShadowKitty Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Oh my God. Oh My GOD. Oh my gosh, can I add this to my favourites like a thousand times? AAAGH I love this so much!!! Vyse and Aika are just the absolute cutest, and you've got Aika down to a Tee :D
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